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Live Energy Screen in DCC’s Civic Offices

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Welcome to Dublin City Council's Energy Screen for Civic Offices

The screen aims at creating awareness of the energy consumption of the Civic Offices building in terms of electricity and gas and allows you to compare it to a similar day last year.

The green section shows you electricity used in Civic Offices.
The tall green graph shows the electricity used in Block 1 & 2, while the small green graph displays the consumption in Block 3 & 4 of Civic Offices.
The blue line shows the average electricity use on a typical day.
The red number indicates the consumption since the last reading 15 minutes ago.
The red arrow shows whether consumption has increased or decreased.
The orange section shows gas used in Civic Offices.
The orange graph shows gas consumption for the whole Civic Offices building.
The blue line shows the typical gas use on a day in spring.
The Display Energy Certificate (DEC) is a certification showing the annual energy consumption of the building with a rating from A to G (best to worst).